Liberty Manor for Veterans

Liberty Manor - A Place of Dignity, Respect & Acknowledgement!

We encourage you to visit Liberty Manor and meet some of the men that reside there.  It’s only then you will come to realize the full benefits of your personal contribution.  I am convinced you will become equally devoted to this initiative as many of us have given of our time and financial resources.  This glimpse into the lives of these brave, often unsung heroes should give us perspective.  These men bravely served our country, willing to pay the ultimate price if necessary. This initiative offers us an opportunity to pay homage in a significant way.

Some of our current needs are:

FOOD:  It takes a long time for our residents to apply for food stamps, receive approval and actually receive their EBT card.  In the interim Liberty Manor is tasked with this “void” by providing them with a  healthy meal.  Liberty Manor needs approximately $12,000 annually to adequately meet the needs of our veterans for groceries.

TRANSPORTATION:  If the necessary funding is available, we could issue our veterans bus passes which cost $4.20 per day (over $80 monthly).  Our veterans use these bus passes in order to be independent and attend VA appointments, disability hearings, education classes, and/or job interviews.

Liberty Manor was very fortunate that the Brandon Elks Lodge purchased a fifteen passenger Ford Transport van for the veterans providing them transportation to the many community engagements the veterans are invited to throughout the year.  However, the cost of maintaining and insuring this vehicle is about $5,000 annually.

CLOTHING:  This is an on-going need as most of our veterans are in dire need of clothing by the time they arrive at Liberty Manor.  Because we strive to instill pride and dignity back into the lives of our veterans, we ask that donated shoes and clothing are in good, unstained condition.


  1. Furniture, linens (twin size), dishes, toiletries laundry detergent, and wheelchairs.
  2. A newspaper subscription making it possible to review employment opportunities and stay abreast of current events.
  3. Computers would be beneficial in staying in contact with loved ones and formatting personal resumes.  Of course, along with this need is the need for network/internet connection.
  4. Residents have always enjoyed having cable television, a luxury when you don’t have the advantage of living with your loved ones.  We all know from our personal finances that this can be expensive and puts a financial strain o our limited resources.
  5. Post-Traumatic Stress Treatment – Many of our veterans have a mistrust of the Veterans Administration (whether real or perceived) thus the veterans go without treatment.  We would like to provide on-site treatment allowing an alternative to the VA.

TRANSITIONAL SERVICES:  Liberty Manor provides options available to the veteran once they have the funding in place to transition from Liberty Manor.  When the veteran is prepared to transition we assist them by furnishing his complete household.  We provide the veteran with everything necessary to promote their future success such as furniture, kitchen utensils, and linens – everything they need to ensure a good start.


Our all-volunteer staff and Board of Directors strive to be good stewards of the funding and donations that we receive.  We would appreciate any contributions as it is through partnerships such as yours that serve to strengthen our community and provide our deserving veterans with some of the basic resources and services that will make a positive difference in their future.

let us remember…only to defining forces have ever offered to die for you – Jesus Christ and the American soldier, one died for your soul; the other died for your freedom.



You can stand proud, knowing that your donation will benefit those who have served our country honorably and made the greatest sacrifice of all by protecting the freedom that we all enjoy today.

How To Reach Us!

P.O. Box 274081
Tampa, Florida 33688-4081

Tel: 813-900-9422