Liberty Manor for Veterans

The Cost of Freedom is Evident Here. Liberty Manor serves some of the most deserving yet overlooked individuals of our community - Our United States Veterans.

Liberty Manor serves as a Desperately-needed Refuge for our Veterans


Liberty Manor identified a void in services in 2005 as it relates to homeless veterans when we learned that the veterans who worked hard and “played it straight” all their life and refrained from drugs or alcohol receive no services or housing! It was then when we realized that our returning veterans were not well-supported, and many go without services due to a lack in government funding.  The void in services was not being addressed. Therefore, the objective of Liberty Manor for Veterans was to provide housing and all social service resources necessary to achieve the goal of self-sufficiency for homeless veterans. This meritorious initiative is the first of its kind, as we do not provide housing in cases when the veteran has an addiction. Instead, we provide housing to veterans that have “played it straight all their life”, but merely fell victim to homelessness due to an unemployment situation.

The military even had a motto: “leave no man behind”. However, our veterans experienced grave difficulty when expected to transition into the civilian world. And if statistics are true, we can safely assume that our veterans’ needs were not being met – they were being forgotten. Liberty Manor vows to do our best to make the motto they were promised a reality as we do everything possible to ensure that no veteran is left behind. It is our hope that Liberty Manor will continue the mission to provide quality housing to the Tampa Bay veteran community. Our objective is accomplished by reintegrating veterans into meaningful career opportunities. We have grown to understand that it is almost impossible for any individual to maintain full-time gainful employment or sustain good health if they do not maintain good hygiene and have a good night’s sleep. If we deem the veteran to be disabled, we assist them to apply for a deserving disability pension and provide them with some of the fundamental needs necessary to meet the objectives established. Liberty Manor takes care of housing, utilities, licenses, taxes, specific work clothing, transportation and all other cost associated with making the veteran whole again. We have answered the call; will you?


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The mission of Liberty Manor for Veterans, Inc. is to promote the developmental and social needs of disabled, honorably discharged veterans who have fallen victim to…


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