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Liberty Manor - A Place of Dignity, Respect & Acknowledgement!

Please consider assisting this meritorious initiative as Liberty Manor was the first veteran’s home of its kind. Interestingly, in the past, the Veterans Administration did not provide housing for veterans that failed to have substance abuse addictions or mental health.  This of course, was encouraging some veterans to embellish or confess they had an addiction or to admit they were contemplating suicide or causing harm to another person just to get some of the most basic resources such as a roof over their head. The veterans that we serve at Liberty Manor are veterans who have played it straight all their life – no drug addictions or mental health.  It is our endeavor to provide them with resources therefore they will be in a position to become stabilize once again and get back on their feet.

This is a list of some of our most immediate needs.  Included are some of the specific needs that the veterans have stated they could benefit from at this time as well as some of the needs of Liberty Manor.

Unfortunately, in 2008 Liberty Manor suffered a huge setback especially in light of the fact that Liberty Manor was still in the infancy stages of pioneering the first program in the nation for homeless veterans. To that end, Liberty Manor was mandated to comply with a number of fire code violations requiring major reconstruction of our veterans’ home, including installation of fire suppression equipment, fire extinguishers/sprinkler system, monitoring service, two telephone lines in addition to a thousand gallon water tank. To comply with all city and county violations, we were confronted with a total of $85,000 for fire equipment and reconstruction that was unanticipated. As a result of Liberty Manor lacking any assets, we could not get approved for financing of this project because Liberty Manor had not established a credit history.  The only method in which we could continue our initiative was for Connie Lindsay (who had already purchased a home for the veterans), to use my credit rating and procure the necessary funding – again.  We currently have a balance on the loan amounting to $83,000.00.

A trash compactor would be a luxury and very practical as we house a great number of veterans and the kitchen is chaos. The Veterans are in need of towels, twin bed linens (even if used) blankets.

Liberty Manor requires some roofing as a small cottage that houses two of our terminally ill veterans requires a metal roof replacement the size is 70×20.

Landscaping is needed at 10015 N. 9th Street and the property located at Myrtle Street and El Portal.  The property at Myrtle Street slopes and creates a mudslide due to no retention such as grass. A solution would be sod. A hedge would serve beneficial as this would provide some privacy between the neighbors. 9th Street also needs some grass and foliage. We could certainly benefit by an organization “adopting” Liberty Manor and consider maintaining our yard, the veterans really do appreciate a well maintained yard and flowers – which we do not have.

We were very fortunate for two years that a church was providing a food sponsorship through Feeding America costing $980.00 monthly to feed fifty veterans.  However, the church’s resources have been exhausted and they are no longer able to continue feeding these deserving veterans. We serve as very good stewards of our funds in that we purchase food for pennies on the dollar through a food bank.  For that reason, we are able to purchase steaks, chicken and all grocery items for $.18 per pound!  On an average it costs $980.00 monthly to feed fifty plus veterans, three meals daily for the entire month!  This, in my opinion is phenomenal!

Our veterans have many needs as you might imagine, however, the following items would contribute greatly to their quality of life:

  • Donated vehicles or bicycles making transportation to the VA hospital possible
  • Grocery, Gas, Restaurant gift certificates
  • We are currently housing four terminally ill veterans that are suffering from agent orange, they lack transportation to go to the VA for medical treatment, they are indigent thus unable to pay $80.00 for a monthly bus pass.
  • The veterans have mentioned the need for dishwashing or laundry detergent, coffee, creamer, sugar, toilet paper, paper towels, canned goods, tools, pots/pans, silverware, garbage bags almost anything that comes with establishing a household!
  • We need a Grant writer, this would help us to procure funding for this meritorious initiative

anyone can accomplish this if talented with a computer!

The veterans at Liberty Manor continue to make a positive impact in our community. A neighbor who was formally involved in high drug trafficking enlisted in the military and has served for two years now – this is a result due to the relationship with the veterans that reside at Liberty Manor. The neighbor learned about some of the missions that our veterans were responsible for and he desired to do something great instead of being a menace to our community.

The young children that reside in the Liberty Manor neighborhood come to the veteran’s house to play basketball; I cannot explain the dynamics that is happening in this particular area of our community.  Most of these young children have parents who have served multiple prison sentences. The children are learning a new way of life…they are interacting with the veterans who are admired and respected for their great service to our country.  We have evidenced so many experiences – far beyond what we originally anticipated when we first implemented the veterans’ initiative.

Bottom line, veterans should never have to suffer as they stand for everything that is good.  Please consider helping us to continue providing them with a place for homeless veterans to call – home.

Any assistance that you provide will be a blessing, I certainly feel these veterans are worthy of our assistance as Liberty Manor provides all of us the opportunity to express our appreciation to those who paid the costly sacrifice for our freedom.


These are some of the specific needs that the veterans and Liberty Manor have at this time. We would certainly appreciate your consideration by choosing to assist this initiative as we are a non-profit 501c3 tax deductible organization.

Consider sponsoring a veteran by helping him with rent assistance, $500.00 monthly ($125.00 weekly).  Financial assistance helps the veterans in their endeavor to move into self sufficiency once they procure employment or receive their VA pension and can pay their own rent.

Food, gas and merchandise gift certificates are very much needed

Consider donating an automobile, sponsor a monthly bus pass or donate a bike (new or used) making transportation to job interviews or doctor visits to the VA hospital possible

Cable Service, as the veterans have limited income and this is usually their only source of entertainment

Our home has the following needs:

Sponsorship of our Fire Suppression Equipment as a result of a fire code requirement

The house has recently encountered some structural damage as a result of termites, therefore, requiring termite treatment. The roof is leaking and is in need of repair. We could benefit greatly from a sponsor willing to provide these services.

Air handlers that are compatible to our two new central air conditioning units.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, any financial assistance that you provide would be a blessing.

Liberty Manor for Veterans, Inc.
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You can stand proud, knowing that your donation will benefit those who have served our country honorably and made the greatest sacrifice of all by protecting the freedom that we all enjoy today.

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