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Liberty Manor was able to serve the following veterans who found themselves homeless:

Liberty Manor was responsible for accepting Harold, a World War II veteran that was placed at the Salvation Army expected to sleep on a cot, in a room with sixty civilians – many experiencing drug addictions. Harold is an eighty-six year old combat veteran, a survivor of our greatest generation. At the Salvation Army he would be required to vacate every morning at 5am on the streets until they line up for admission again at 3pm. Harold’s Social Security checks were suspended for two months thus not knowing how long this veteran would go unfunded; no one was willing to accept him. Liberty Manor received a call and graciously opened their hearts and home to this deserving veteran.
Arnett, a Vietnam veteran came to Liberty Manor as a result of his failing health. Arnett is a Purple Heart recipient. Because Arnett could earn more income by working he did not apply for a VA pension. However, his health continued to degenerate after the age of fifty, he is incapable of maintaining gainful employment and is too proud to accept financial assistance…subsequently he became homeless too. Because it requires approximately three months to over a year to receive a VA pension, our veterans are finding themselves in a homeless state. (Information verified per DD214)
John T. suffered two cardiac surgeries and one open heart surgery at the age of forty-seven! Many of us would be in the same position if our careers came to an end before retirement age.
Tim T, a young man when he served in Desert Storm with the US Army. While serving a mission in Iraq he was shot down in a Navy helicopter that crashed leaving Tim severely damaged. Tim sustained considerable injuries to this back and permanent neurological damage. Tim was medically discharged, and returned to the United States…without funding. It was a year and three months before Tim was approved for a 100% VA service connected pension. Prior to receiving his pension, Tim was left to scramble to make ends meet, living under bridges and on the streets with other homeless individuals. We are honored that Tim chose to reside at Liberty Manor.
Benny was referred to Liberty Manor as a result of being homeless. Benny moved from Kansas to Florida and though he receives an entitlement close to $3,000 per month, his VA pension and disability checks had not been forwarded for three months! While serving in Vietnam Benny fell on a land mine, sustained considerable injuries to his right leg resulting in fourteen surgeries. This veteran was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice; he gave so much to our country and returned to America disabled. Benny and others like him should NEVER experience homeless. If not for Liberty Manor, this highly decorated soldier would have been HOMELESS!
John was Liberty Manor’s first IRAQ veteran! Despite John’s pure tenacity and willingness to serve our country, he developed a severe medical condition while serving which required him to return to the United States. The Veterans Administration referred John to Liberty Manor because the VA lacks funding for housing. John was accepted to the Liberty Manor family whereby we provided him with housing and met some of his immediate needs by connecting him with resources for food and clothing.
Bill, a former Marine Captain was a fighter pilot in Vietnam, and down on his luck when homelessness loomed for the first time. Bill, like many others, had not predicted he would suffer degeneration which would result in homelessness. Since Bill has multiple medical appointments during any given week, he is prevented from procuring gainful employment. This combat veteran should NEVER have to suffer homelessness.
Veteran, Steve Daughtridge was “less than enthusiastic” regarding the procurement of employment. Before giving up on the resident, Executive Director, Jeff Luddeke agreed to work a day labor ticket with Steve accompanying him in an effort to inspire the resident to work. This took place during mid-summer in the Florida heat. The day labor ticket consisted of digging a deep hole over two hot summer days under the most inhuman conditions. Jeff had also been diagnosed with cancer, however it was Jeff’s contention that he would not ask someone to perform a job that he would not be willing to perform if asked to do himself. When the job was completed, Jeff had gained Steve’s confidence. Steve became ambitious about scheduling interviews for employment and within a relatively short period of time, Steve procured employment with Hartline Transportation as a City Bus Driver. Steve gained financial independence and was able to enjoy the rewards of a comfortable salary with tremendous retirement benefits.
Bruce, one of Liberty Manor’s original residents served in the Navy for fourteen years and was employed at US Airways for twelve years when US Airlines made some budget cuts as a result of the 911 tragedy. Everything spiraled downward from there and Bruce was forced to foreclose on his home. Today, Bruce suffers from medical difficulties that are life threatening. Though Bruce receives medical benefits through the Veterans Administration, he rejected medical treatment because he does not want to accept public assistance during the recuperation period during the time he would be unable to work. While employed at a local movie theater, he was working an erratic schedule to make ends meet – walking home at 2AM after a long day of work, many times hot, other occasions it was cold and rainy. Bruce is a very proud person. Realizing this dilemma, Liberty Manor helped him the next-best way. A generous donor presented Liberty Manor with a dependable automobile, which in turn, we presented to Bruce – one of our most deserving residents!
Michael N. a well educated and accomplished entrepreneur served as a combat veteran in the United States Army in Vietnam. Michael was assigned 1st United States Special Forces, 82nd Airborne Division, Green Beret. He states he received numerous commendations that consist of a Purple Heart, Silver Star, Combat Infantry Badge, Division Award, Vietnam Campaign Ribbon, US Army Service Corps and US Service Ribbon.
William, earned his Juris Doctor Degree from California Western School of Law and served as a former Trial Attorney, owning four private law practices that dissolved as a result of an alcohol addiction. Bill’s military service included serving in US ARMY, Judge Advocate General Corps as a JAG. Bill received eight Letters of Commendation. Hence, being well educated and despite accomplishments, it doesn’t seem to preclude homelessness. Liberty Manor was there for Bill and those like Bill who have served our country so meritoriously.
Because Liberty Manor does not require a review of a veterans DD214 but only evidence they are honorably discharged by producing their VA Identification card, much of the information derived above is self reported.


You can stand proud, knowing that your donation will benefit those who have served our country honorably and made the greatest sacrifice of all by protecting the freedom that we all enjoy today.

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