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The mission of Liberty Manor for Veterans, Inc. is to promote the developmental and social needs of disabled, honorably discharged veterans who have fallen victim to homelessness by providing them transitional, supported housing and establishing objectives designed to attribute to self-sufficiency. In 2005 we identified a “void in services” as it relates to homeless veterans when it was evidenced that veterans that worked hard and played it straight all their life – – – receive no services for housing! Liberty Manor for Veterans is the first residential program of its kind in America that provides housing to veterans who have become homeless as a result of an unemployment situation or an injury that has left the veteran unemployable. There are a plethora of residential programs designated for veterans that suffer from a drug addiction or mental health but nothing for the veteran that is merely down and out on their luck. Liberty Manor was organized in 2006 as a 501(C)3 non-profit organization by Connie Lindsay, our founder, and Chief Executive Officer, with the objective of promoting the developmental and social needs of veterans who have served our country, fought for our independence but fallen victim to homelessness. Liberty Manor vows to provide supported housing and establish long-term objectives designed to prevent future homelessness. One of the most basic necessities is housing. It is our hope that Liberty Manor can continue this mission to provide quality housing to the Tampa Bay veteran community. Our objective can be accomplished by reintegrating veterans into meaningful career opportunities. If we deem the veteran to be disabled, we assist him in procuring a justified disability pension and provide them with some of the basic fundamental needs necessary to meet the objectives established. We have grown to understand that it is almost impossible for any individual to maintain full-time gainful employment or to sustain good health if they do not maintain a healthy diet, good hygiene and a good night’s rest. Liberty Manor for Veterans is committed to promoting independence and empowerment within our community, thus it is our goal to assist veterans in becoming self-supporting and independent. We accomplish this goal by responding to the unmet needs of veterans who are indigent and/or marginalized and the ones that got “left behind” We foster systemic change by leading them into self-sufficiency with the goal of never returning to a homeless – again. As a result of the Liberty Manor initiative, and with donations from individuals, organizations and the community, we have made a difference in the lives of veterans in need. We have made an impact on the homeless population within our city, our county, the State of Florida and our great nation.


You can stand proud, knowing that your donation will benefit those who have served our country honorably and made the greatest sacrifice of all by protecting the freedom that we all enjoy today.

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