Liberty Manor - A Place of Dignity, Respect & Acknowledgement!

Our Chief Executive Officer, Connie Lindsay is truly a Women of Valor as she has demonstrated exemplary service in the Tampa Bay community by promoting the developmental and social needs of veterans who have served our country, fought for our independence, but fallen victim to homelessness. Connie is a loving leader whose positive impact upon the lives of countless veterans cannot be overstated.  It has been determined that individuals who make up the homeless veteran population have exhausted all reasonable alternatives that will address their immediate financial or residential needs. The mission of Liberty Manor is to provide supported housing to honorably discharged veterans by establishing long-term objectives designed to attribute to self-sufficiency.

Throughout Connie’s illustrious tenure as a Board member of the Hillsborough County Homeless Coalition as well as many other leadership roles, she has personified strong and sustaining advocacy for the veteran homeless population.  Connie effectively identified a “void in services” that was not currently provided by the Veterans Administration, as the VA provides housing only for those who suffer from a substance abuse addiction or a severe mental health diagnosis.  Being cognizant of the military motto “leave no man behind”, Connie was relentless in her mission to make good on that promise. For that reason, Liberty Manor for Veterans was founded in 2006.  The spirit of making a difference is evidenced in her every word and providing homeless veterans an opportunity to flourish emotionally will endure as her legacy.

Liberty Manor presented a unique opportunity for Connie to collaboratively identify the multiple needs of veterans and create a seamless community system of care that are destine to rehabilitate veterans who have fallen victim to homelessness. The infrastructure of the initiative was intended to create strategic partnerships that efficiently share united resources, addressing gaps, eliminating obstacles and increasing accountability by facilitating a residential program that contributes to the restoration of self sufficiency. As a result, she increased community involvement and investment in services which addressed the problematic areas.

Connie refer to veterans as “warriors, heroes in their own right; they serve as a reminder of how good life is in America and how fortunate we are to be Americans. These men bravely served our country, willing to pay the ultimate price if necessary. Many were forced to leave behind their loving families for months, sometimes years, sometimes forever.”

Today, due to the implementation of Liberty Manor for Veterans our community can enjoy the victorious rewards of a program that is destine to build community solutions while reducing the rampant rate of homelessness. Connie continues to maintain a results-oriented philosophy that has earned her a respected reputation locally, regionally and nationally. As a result of four residential houses Connie has indeed made a significant difference in the future of the homeless and undisputedly made Hillsborough and Pinellas County a better place in which to live!


You can stand proud, knowing that your donation will benefit those who have served our country honorably and made the greatest sacrifice of all by protecting the freedom that we all enjoy today.