The Cost of Freedom is Evident Here. Liberty Manor serves some of the most deserving yet overlooked individuals of our community - Our United States Veterans.
God Bless The USA

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Liberty Manor for Veterans on Designing Spaces

Kellie Lightbourne visits Liberty Manor for Veterans, an older house converted to a home for homeless veterans. Michael Sievers from BASF, shows improvements to the home with polyurethane spray insulation.

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Our Place of Dignity, Respect & Acknowledgement!

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Our Chief Executive Officer, Connie Lindsay is truly a Women of Valor as she has demonstrated exemplary service in the Tampa Bay community by promoting the developmental...


The Liberty Manor initiative offers a unique opportunity to support some of our most deserving yet under funded members within our community-veterans. For that reason, Liberty...

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Liberty Manor for Veterans received numerous letters of recommendation. Specifically, one offered an endorsement by Ms. Wendy Hellickson, Department of Veterans Affairs in Tampa...

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Liberty Manor was responsible for accepting Harold, a World War II veteran that was placed at the Salvation Army expected to sleep on a cot, in a room with sixty civilians - many experiencing...